7 May, 2021 @ 15:00
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EXPLAINED: What were those strange bright lights seen in night sky over Spain last night?

satellite train sky
satellite train sky

THE Olive Press received some calls and videos of what appeared to be an unexplained phenomena in the night sky just before midnight on Thursday night.

Many have reported seeing what appeared to be a chain of very bright lights moving slowly across the sky. 

‘It’s like something I’ve never seen before’ said one reader after seeing the strange sight over Casares in Malaga province of Andalucia, southern Spain.

We’ve looked into it and can assure you that we are not on the brink of alien invasion, nor should you fear that meteorites are hurling our way promising armageddon.

In fact anyone looking up at the clear skies on Thursday may have witnessed the orbit of what is known as a ‘satelite train’.

On May 4th at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, SpaceX launched a rocket into orbit to release 60 Starlink satellites.

Last night their trajectory passed over the Iberian peninsula and provoked a flurry of calls from worried earthlings to emergency services, prompting authorities in Castille y León to urge calm.

“We have received calls from various points in Castilla y León about sightings in the sky of a row of lights. If you have seen it and it looks like the ones in this image, it is a train of luminous satellites visible at night”, reads a tweet posted by 112 emergency services.

So there you have it, nothing more sinister than a chain of satellites made visible on the ground by reflecting sunlight.

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