THE Junta has criticised the government’s announcement that face mask regulations may be relaxed soon.

According to health chief Fernando Simon, the recent vaccination drive has seen the country’s coronavirus data steadily improve and has suggested that once the incidence rate drops below 150 cases per 100000 inhabitants in 14 days, he would ‘consider reducing some coronavirus measures, including face masks.’

The proposition has been strongly criticised by Jesus Aguirre, Minister for Health in Andalucia, who has said that face masks are one of the ‘most powerful weapons’ available—apart from the vaccination—to ‘slow and stop the spread of the virus,’ particularly when used universally within a community setting.

According to Aguirre, the idea of relaxing face mask regulations should only be considered once 70% of the population has been fully vaccinated.

“Let’s not get carried away with the siren calls,” he said, expressing his concern that by opening the debate on relaxing measures such as the use of face masks may lead to citizens becoming slack with their current mask wearing habit.

Aguirre urges people to maintain precautions, especially at family gatherings and celebrations such as communions, wedding or christening and insists that the Junta’s priority is to continue with the vaccine campaign, which, together with the use of masks, is ‘the only way to save lives.’


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