BEACHES in Barcelona will be opened for the night of Sant Joan when thousands normally celebrate the start of the summer with all-night parties, bonfires  and huge firework displays. 

Albert Battle, Barcelona city councillor in charge of security, said beaches in the city and outlying towns would be carefully managed on the night of June 24. 

“In some cases, the management of these beaches will be easy. In the case of the city, it will be difficult to close them,” he told a press conference. 

“Closing the beaches totally, like last year, will not be viable.  The circumstances were very different.” 

The Catalan Civil Protection has recommended that beaches should be closed and only small bonfires are allowed to prevent large crowds. 

Sergio Delgado, deputy director of Civil Protection, said bonfires should not be allowed “at 100% capacity” as before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

People with tents, alcoholic drinks, music-players will be banned from the beaches. 

Police will control beaches to make sure they are not overcrowded.  

The beaches will be cleared at 6am when rubbish cleaners sweep away the mess. 

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