THE Spanish organisation Automovilistas Europeos Asociados (AEA) has published a list of stationary speed cameras that have registered the most instances of exceeding speed—two of which are located in Malaga.

The fixed speed cameras at kilometre points 246 and 256 on the A-7 in El Palo and Rincon de la Victoria issued an average of 133 and 94 fines per day last year, respectively.

Despite the fact that the pandemic has considerably reduced traffic on Malaga’s main motorways, the province has the dubious honour of placing two of its radars in the top five of those that fine the most in the whole country.

In fact, the radar located at kilometre 246 of the A-7 in direction to Nerja, first installed almost two decades ago with a speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour, tops the list of the radar that slapped the most speeding fines in the whole of Spain last year—a whooping 48,771, at an average of 133.25 per day.

The other is ten kilometres further on, in the municipality of Rincon de la Victoria, but in the opposite direction on a stretch of road where you have to slow down from a speed limit of 120 km/h to 80 in just a few kilometres.

Last year this radar caught 34,327 drivers going over 80 km/h per hour, an average of 94 per day.

Data from the Department of Traffic (DGT) has indicated that the 50 DGT radars with the most ‘offences’ spread throughout the country registered a total of 941,061 fines in 2020, 23% less than the 1,224,374 complaints registered in 2019.

This decrease is mainly due to the mobility restrictions on roads linked to the two states of alarm due to COVID-19.


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