FORTY THREE Andalusian LGTBI organisations have come together to condemn the death of Samuel Luiz Muñiz, a 24-year-old Spaniard beaten to death in Galicia in a suspected homophobic attack.

He was attacked on Saturday (July 3), and although the health services tried to revive him for two hours, they were unable to save his life and he died in hospital.

A few hours after the fatal beating, the victim’s friends and relatives posted on social media that it was a homophobic attack and that the public demanded that this discrimination should not go unpunished.

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Samuel Luiz Mendez, 24 years old

So far, it has not been confirmed if it was a homophobic hate crime.

The LGBTI organisations from Andalucia have condemned the events in a statement and censure ‘the increase in attacks and aggressions against LGTBI+ people in Spain, which requires a more forceful rejection by the institutions and society itself’. 

Some of the Andalucian entities are: Sevilla Diversidad, Ojala Malaga, Togayther, Crezco-Familias LGTB de Andalucía, Red Española de Municipios Orgullosos, or Chrysallis Andalucía.


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