NIGHTCLUBS in Malaga should test all their customers for COVID – and foot the bill too, according to the mayor of the city.

Francisco de la Torre proposes that nightlife venues should use antigen tests with them paying  saying ‘It is in the interest of the company because they may get longer opening hours in exchange. Also, health in general wins, the economy of the company wins and workers win’.

The mayor has previously raised the idea with club owners during the time they were forced to close completely, but  considers that now is the time to take up the idea again.

Malga’s mayor suggest doing test of antigens to all customers of nightlife venues (Pixabay)

However, he admitted that the City Hall cannot do weekly tests itself, so the club entrepreneurs would have to step in.

He said: “We cannot organise this, as an idea, it is an extrapolation of what we have done in the forums organised in the Palacio de Ferias”, he pointed out.

The mayor reported that over the weekend, 22 disciplinary proceedings were opened against 22 nightlife venues for over-occupancy or for not respecting opening hours. 


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