FESTIVALS return to the Vega Baja area of Costa Blanca on Saturday, as the ‘Moors & Christians’ event kicks off in Orihuela.

Lasting until the following weekend, activities will be slightly adapted to cope with pandemic restrictions, but music concerts, theatrical events and a fireworks display will certainly peak interest.

The Association of Moors and Christians Festivities Santas Justa y Rufina de Orihuela announced the full week of activities, stretching from Saturday, July 10,  to Sunday July 18.

Full programme

Saturday, July 10 (8:30pm) at the Circo Theater – the Festive Exaltation Act

Monday, July 12 (10:00pm) at the Santo Domingo Diocesan School – the Premiere Concert of the Suite Festera La Armengola by the Los Montesinos Musical Group

Tuesday, July 13, (6:00pm) in the Gabriel Miró Glorieta – Children’s Party

Wednesday, July 14 (9:30pm) at the Teatro Circo “A Die” the play “La Puerta de la Traición”, by Atanasio Die, by the Grupo de Teatro Expresión, with the performance of the DaCapo Musical Association

Wednesday, July 14  (11:00pm) at the San Miguel Seminary – Fireworks Display

Thursday, July 15 (9:00pm) at the Circo Theater – the Festive Music Concert, “A Walk Through the Comparsas.” by the Orcelitana Lyrical Union

Friday, July 16 (9:30pm) in El Palmeral – Concert “Music Festivities from El Palmeral”, by the Oriol Musical Group and the Ideales Musical Group

Sunday, July 18 (12:15am) at the Seminary of San Miguel – Fireworks Display, “End of Festivities”.

Programacion Moros

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