ECOLOGISTS in Action-Sierra Bermeja have called on the Junta to control hunting in Sierra Bermeja.

Following the Sierra Bermeja fire, which has destroyed nearly 10,000 hectares of land and claimed the life of an Infoca firefighter, ecologists are now concerned with the wellbeing of individual wild animals in the area.

In an official statement, Ecologists in Action-Sierra Bermeja warn that hunters ‘are trying to take advantage of the catastrophe to shoot animals looking for food on the perimeter of the affected area’.

According to the ecologists, the environmental legislation ‘prohibits hunting in areas affected by disasters,’ including situations or events that ‘substantially alter or interrupt the functioning of a community or society.’

In the case of the Sierra Bermeja fire, declared a catastrophic zone by the central government, means that the welfare of the wildlife in the area, with numerous fauna disoriented, injured and without nutritional resources, needs protection.

Ecologists in Action has specifically asked the Ministry of Agriculture of the Junta ‘to immediately paralyse hunting activity in the entire area affected by the Sierra Bermeja fire’, especially given the ‘scope and regrettable repercussions that may result from hunting in these dramatic circumstances.’

Additionally, a campaign has been launched on for people to sign in order to help ban the hunting season in Sierra Bermeja after the devastating fire.

“We need to preserve and help our beautiful animals and not allow this inhuman behaviour to destroy and kill the ones who survived!” campaigners plead.


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