EVERY day, almost every hour and sometimes by the minute we are putting up breaking stories online.

Over the last week the big story in Spain has been the remarkable volcano erupting in La Palma, while the week before it was the terrifying Sierra Bermeja wildfire.

Our website often publishes 25 stories or more on what is happening around the country on any given day.

Be it floods, fires or terrorist attacks, we have it covered… and we will ensure to get journalists into the area as soon as we can.

Take the fire in Estepona. Over a week-long period we published over two dozen stories – many of them exclusive – with analysis on the horror blaze that killed a fireman and razed 10,000 hectares.

Our reporters sought out officials working to contain the blaze to keep our readers informed about how it was developing.

We kept in touch with those who were most affected and those who were forced to flee from their properties as the flames approached. And we told their stories.

And now our team is doing the same to cover developments as a volcano erupts in La Palma, by speaking to people on the ground, checking official sources, and publishing the most up to date and reliable information.

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