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The Best Culinary Experiences on Mallorca

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Imagine setting off on an unforgettable gastronomic adventure from one of the most luxurious villas in Mallorca to explore sensational cuisine on every corner. With everything from sophisticated Michelin star restaurants to unassuming tapas bars, the magnificent island of Mallorca is simply brimming with culinary gems just waiting to be uncovered.

Palma,de,mallorca,,spain, ,may,27,,2016:,tapas,set

The Top 4 Ways to Experience Traditional Mallorcan Cuisine

Boasting a high number of Michelin starred restaurants, Mallorca reigns as an international foodie paradise, attracting thousands of gourmands from all corners of the globe each year – and there are countless ways to experience Mallorcan food culture. Here’s how you can tuck into the diverse and exciting cuisine that blesses this jewel of the Mediterranean.

1. Adopt a Mallorcan attitude towards mealtime  

Mallorcans approach mealtime with reverence, respect and an inspiring passion. Dining is considered an experience to be cherished, offering an unmistakable opportunity to establish new connections, reinforce familial ties and slow down to luxuriate in the pleasures of life. With so many brilliant culinary options to choose from, the recurring theme in all culinary adventures on Mallorca is an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients that are lovingly prepared.

2. Savour the restaurant scene

Communal dining is the standard on Mallorca. Visit any Mallorcan eatery and you will witness groups of family and friends sharing generous portions of saffron-perfumed paella right from the centre of the table. Countless happy faces flicker in the romantic candlelight as day enchantingly transitions to evening. These images are sure to be unforgettable.


Mallorca’s fabulous dining and wine culture are intimately related. If you choose to enjoy a different glass of wine with each course, you may wish to leave your rental car at your villa for the evening. Fortunately, Mallorca has no shortage of charming restaurants in almost every town that can be reached easily by foot. Nothing is more romantic than a long after-dinner stroll to close out a memorable meal. 

3. Indulge in a private paella cookery class

It wouldn’t be a holiday on Mallorca without a taste of legendary paella. This delicious and aromatic saffron-infused dish can include a combination of rabbit, duck, fish, prawns, snails, beans or mushrooms traditionally cooked over an open fire with tomatoes and rice. The sky’s the limit when enjoying paella on Mallorca, and there is sure to be a flavour that suits every member of your group.

Why not thrill your travelling companions by organising an unforgettable paella cooking class right in the comfort of your private villa? Paella is a unifying dining experience that brings everyone around the table to imbibe in a masterpiece of flavour.

4. Hire a local chef  

Bring the lively atmosphere of a seafront eatery right to your villa by hiring a local private chef. Whether for one special meal or the length of your stay, a local chef is an ideal way to experience authentic Mallorcan cuisine in a more intimate setting. A private chef has their finger on the pulse of everything that makes Mallorcan food so exquisite, including seasonal ingredients, artisan goods, local wine and – of course – the island’s ancient food traditions. Delegating cooking duties also relieves you of the stress that comes with planning meals during your holiday while ensuring you get a taste of what the island has to offer. Who wouldn’t love to focus on entertaining their guests and making memories instead of doing the washing up?


Tuck into a Delicious Holiday on Mallorca 

No matter how you choose to immerse yourself in the gastronomic pleasures of Mallorca (with private cookery classes, at world-class restaurants or by hiring an in-villa chef), you are sure to be enraptured by the fresh, sumptuous dishes of this storied island in the Mediterranean Sea.   


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