FILM, television, and theatre companies in Spain will have to get Guardia Civil permission to use exact replicas of their uniforms.

A Royal Decree published this Tuesday strengthens rules that were introduced in 2014 that prohibited the use of genuine uniforms in ‘artistic representations’ unless prior permission was granted.

A Guardia spokesman said that the definition of a ‘replica’ meant ‘an exact copy’ that could be mistaken for being an original.

Anybody wanting to use a Guardia uniform or a replica in for example, a production or a fiesta parade will have to submit a ‘justifying report’ and to ensure that ‘there is no detriment to the Guardia Civil’s image’.

The Royal Decree does not prevent people from wearing Guardia clothing that is clearly not genuine.

Non-Guardia officers are prohibited from selling and buying uniforms and authorised dealers must verify that a purchaser is a member of the force.

Mail orders of Guardia clothing can only be sent to Guardia Civil barracks and not to home addresses.

Officers have been warned that they cannot wear uniforms in any meetings or demonstrations of a ‘political nature’ and likewise on social media networks and private video chats.

Retired officers can don the uniform for ‘solemn institutional and social events’ but will be stopped from doing so if they are subject to prosecution or have been found guilty of a crime.

Image Credit: Cordon Press

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