POLICE are warning that people – usually men – who indulge in online sex shows are being targeted by blackmailers.

Officers say that three ‘consumers’ in Almeria have been threatened and blackmailed in attempts at extortion.

The scam starts when the men enter a webcam chatroom to view sleazy ‘shows’.

In the recent Almeria cases, at the end of the session the viewers received messages demanding cash, on pain of having their online sex habit revealed.

Fraud Alert
Police advise that the threats should be reported (Pixabay)

According to police, on some occasions the extortionists have sent their victims photos of alleged victims who have been assaulted or mutilated because they did not pay. 

Officers say that so far there is no evidence that the threats made by the blackmailers have been carried out.

They advise against making any payment and warn that if cash is handed over an endless series of demands will follow.

Police say any threats or blackmail attempts should be reported at the police station.


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