COMPANY bosses took home the top pay packets in Spain last year, while cleaners earned the least, new figures show.

Bankers are among those who earned the most in 2020, followed by teachers and those working in public administration – with domestic, hospitality and agriculture workers at the opposite end of the scale

Finance and insurance executives earned the most, with 64.8% taking home more than €2,295.2 euros a month, according to new stats from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) based on data from the Labor Force Survey (EPA).

The majority of teachers and public workers also took home well over €2,000 per month. 

Meanwhile cleaners had the lowest monthly wage, pocketing an average of €997.3 total per month while hospitality workers bagged an average of €1,119.5  and agriculture employees earned €1,373.6 each month on average. 

The average gross salary of full-time workers reached €2,258.3 per month last year, the highest jump in monthly salary since 2006, despite the effects of the pandemic. 

Salaries rose by 2.8% in 2020 compared to 2019’s average of €2,038.6. 

Last year full-time workers earned almost three times more than part-time employees, who took home just €800 a month. 

According to the National Institute of Statistics 30% of Spain’s salaried employees, some 4.88 million people,  earned less than €1,350  per month. 

Some 40% of employees (6.44 million) earned between €1,336.6 and €2,295.2 gross per month in 2020, while another 30% (4.8 million people) earned salaries of at least €2,295.2 monthly.

The pay gap is still having a devastating effect on women in Spain, with four in ten female workers making less than €1,336.6 per month, compared to just one in five men. 

According to INE data, women, young people, junior workers and temporary workers have the lowest wages in Spain. 

The average female salary stood at €1,852 per month in 2020, an increase from the €1,773.3 average in 2019. 

Meanwhile, the average salary for men increased in 2020 to €2,210.3s per month and the wage gap has reduced from 22.5% to 19.3%. 


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