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ROYAL VISIT: King Felipe VI lands in Castellon to take part in yearly business conference

The reason for the royal visit was to take part in the yearly assembly of the Valencian Community Business Confederation, which King Felipe closed with a speech peppered with sentences in the Valencian language and references to the area.

SORRY, WE’RE CLOSED: Coronavirus spells the end of historic restaurants in Barcelona

FOUR historic restaurants in Barcelona city have been the latest high-profile victims of the coronavirus pandemic. Cal Pinxo was a hugely popular seafood eatery in...

Radio station €1000 giveaway proves ‘awesome’ business confidence following lockdown on Spain’s Costa Blanca

COSTA BLANCA'S community radio station, Big FM, is giving away a prize worth €1,000 in the coming weeks. As part of their continued commitment to...

SUN LAWYERS: Why you need to find the right lawyer to guide you through buying a house in Spain

BUYING a property is one of the biggest decisions most of us will make. Making a purchase in Spain has extra complications like a...

THE SILVER LINING: Company in Valencia’s Castellon becomes main producer in Spain of FFP2 facemasks

THE COVID pandemic and its resultant financial crisis are triggering a profound transformation of the manufacture and industry sectors throughout Spain. At the height of...

Marina d’Or in trouble

The company’s most recent public audit in 2018 revealed a deficit of €111 million

BAILED OUT: Valencian government announces €340 million aid package for self-employed workers and businesses

THE Valencian regional government has announced a €340 million bailout plan for small businesses and self-employed workers to help mitigate the disastrous economic effects...

THE FUTURE IS ORANGE: Valencian citrus farmers finally on the money ‘thanks’ to COVID

Valencian orange and lemon producers saw their income go up at last

Banking giants BBVA and Sabadell launch formal merger talks in Spain

TWO of Spain's largest banks, the BBVA and Banco Sabadell have opened formal merger talks. Informal discussions have taken place in recent months but now...

Customer in Spain’s Costa Blanca gets back excessive interest charges on controversial credit card

A SPANISH online bank has been ordered by a Costa Blanca court to refund €8,820 to a customer who was charged excess interest on...

Beat the looming tax deadline for British non-resident property owners in Spain with Spanishtaxesonline.com

A DECEMBER 31 deadline for British owners of second homes in Spain to pay their Modelo 210 tax return is fast looming. Some property owners...

DEAR JENNIFER: Do I really have to get a TIE/Residencia card if I’m still unregistered in Spain?

As I suspected, the demand for TIE/Residencia appointments is increasing very quickly. It is vital that if you have not got a Residencia already and...

DEAR JENNIFER: What extras can I get on a home insurance policy?

I often get inquiries about extending home insurance policies and I have to say that Liberty Seguros have the best on the market in...

Brits across Europe ‘financially fearful’ of no-deal Brexit

The majority of the estimated 1.8 million Britons living in the European Union are ‘increasingly financially fearful – and rightly so’ over the rising...

DEAR JENNIFER: What kind of cover do I actually get with an insurance policy?

All the world is experiencing a very frightening time due to this dreadful virus that is circulating everywhere. Until a vaccine has been developed, we...





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