The Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE) and working unions have agreed to increase workers’ wages by 4% this year. 

Both sides have reached the deal known as the Agreement on Employment and Collective Negotiations (AENC) after months of bargaining in the context of the current inflation. 

The Executive Board of the CEOE has unanimously approved the text of the agreement and will ask Spanish businesses to apply it. 

It has been decided that salaries ought to be increased by 4% this year, preceding 3% rises in 2024 and 2025. 

And further 1% increments could be implemented each year if the country’s inflation continues to grow. 

Antonio Garamendi Ceo Of Ceoe Photo Credit To Flickr
CEOE President Antonio Garamendi has told businesses in Spain about the agreement. Photo by Belén Ibarrola Goiri: Flickr

The AENC is set to provide guidance to all businesses in Spain on recommended wage increases for this year and the two following ones. 

It also includes instructions on the management of recruitment, working from home guidelines and general recommendations on other labour issues. 

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