THE State Meteorological Agency(Aemet) has confirmed that last month was the warmest April since 1961, beating the previous record of 2011 by 0.1 degrees.

Average daytime temperatures were around 14.9 degrees- 3 degrees higher than the average logged between 1991 and 2020.

In thirty of Aemet’s main weather stations, average highs were the greatest in any April since records began.

Four stations recorded the highest-ever minimum overnight temperatures.

Daily maximums were 4.7 degrees above normal and nightly minimums were 1.3 degrees above average.

The Andalucia region recorded some of the highest temperatures with a national April record of 38.8 degrees logged at Cordoba airport and 37.4 degrees at Moron de la Frontera on April 27.

April rated as between extremely dry and very dry in most of the mainland, Ibiza, and the western Canary Islands.

Better ‘dry to normal’ rankings applied to Galicia, northern Catalunya, parts of Castilla y Leon, northern Navarra, the north-eastern Basque Country, coastal areas of Murcia and the eastern Canary Islands.

Rainfall was scarce over the first third of April, with northern parts of the mainland and the Canaries, along with the Balearic Islands getting some rain.


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