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Drier autumn than usual forecast for Spain’s Malaga this year with no heavy rains expected until winter expert predicts

WITH the new water year underway, a period that runs from October 1st to September 30th of the following year, the past 365 days...

Water year ends in Spain’s Malaga as one of the driest in recent decades

MALAGA faces the final stretch of the hydrological year (a time period of 12 months for which precipitation totals are measured) as one of...

Reservoirs in Spain’s Andalucia stand at an unsettling 28.33%

WATER levels in Andalucian reservoirs continue to drop at an alarming rate. In fact in the last week, reservoirs in Andalucia have lost 96 cubic...

Spain’s Malaga reservoirs at 53% capacity in run-up to summer

MALAGA will start the high season with the reservoirs at 53% of their total capacity—just below the values recorded last year. According to the Junta's...

Reservoirs in Spain’s Malaga over 50% capacity with only one remaining in ‘critical’ state

SPRING in the province of Malaga has brought abundant rain and with it eased the situation in the reservoirs in the province, which had...

Not so sunny Spain as Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Eastern Europe do much better in March sunshine stakes

MARCH in Spain was the least sunniest since 1983, according to the State Meteorological Agency(AEMET). 127.5 hours of sunshine was registered on average last month-...

Recent rainfall leaves four times more water than average for March in Spain’s Malaga

MARCH has been the wettest month of the hydrological year so far, seeing four times more rain than average for this time of the...

Recent rainfall leaves five months worth of water in Spain’s Malaga reservoirs

THE start of Spring has brought much needed rain to the province of Malaga. In fact, the recent rainfall, mainly thanks to the passage of...

Farmers rejoice over big rainfall to boost vineyards and fruit growing on Spain’s Costa Blanca

FARMERS in Alicante Province have welcomed the recent big downpours that they claim have saved vineyards. The winter drought threatened crops but the heavy rain...

Much needed rain forecast in Spain’s Malaga this Thursday and Friday

THE drought situation is critical in the province due to the lack of rainfall in recent months, so the arrival of any rain will...

Spain’s Malaga records lowest rainfall values in 80 years

THE province of Malaga is set to face its worst drought since records began in 1942 by the national weather agency AEMET. The drought situation...

Drought fears grow as dry spell continues in Spain’s Malaga

THE drought situation is ‘critical’ in the province due to the lack of rainfall these months. In fact, according to the latest data, just 14.5%...

Dry January raises drought fears in not-so rainy Spain as reservoir capacity goes down to 44%

THE second-driest January of the 21st century has sparked fresh fears of a drought in Spain. The government conceded this Tuesday that it was monitoring...

Storm to bring much needed rain to help fight Spain’s Sierra Bermeja wildfire

THE arrival of rainfall, expected this Monday and Tuesday in the province of Malaga, could provide a much-needed reprieve for fire crews battling against...

BREAKING: Malaga and Costa del Sol placed on orange alert for heavy rainfall as Atlantic storm hits southern Spain

MALAGA has been placed on an orange alert for heavy rainfall. The warning from weather agency AEMET will start at midnight tonight and last...

“Radical change” in the weather expected across Spain’s Andalucia as of tomorrow

ANDALUCIA has begun the last week of November with clear skies, but from tomorrow, Wednesday, intense rain will lash across the region. The first full-blown...

CHAOS: Fire, landslide and flights delayed as lighting and rain wreak havoc on Spain’s Costa del Sol MIJAS, Ojén and Coin have received the highest amount of rainfall per hour during the ongoing downpour in Malaga province today. Mijas saw 20 litres...

Weather warning for rainfall on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Malaga TODAY

AEMET has issued a yellow weather warning for rainfall along the Costa del Sol and Malaga today.  The warning covers the capital and the Guadalhorce,...

HISTORIC: Malaga town sets ALL TIME record in Spain for rainfall following weekend’s floods

A MALAGA town has set a national record for the highest amount of rainfall in 12 hours.  Alpandeire, in the Serrania de Ronda, saw 399.4...

Malaga cleanup could cost €10 million after worst downpour since records began

There were over 200 call-outs to emergency services

Fiery future: Forecast predicts Andalucia will keep getting hotter

Long term weather forecasters have predicted Andalucia will get hotter and see less rainfall over the next 100 years

Wet, wet, wet… It is! Rain finally lands on Andalucia

After the worst drought in 157 years, Spain is at last set for some much needed autumnal weather

Alicante named driest area in the world

Alicante dried than region between the Sahara Desert and the savannah of Sudan

March sees worst rainfall in 60 years in Andalucia

Despite a dry winter, Spain sees heaviest rainfall for March in six decades

Malaga hit with yet more heavy rain and flooding

14 homes evacuated and many left stranded as the water levels rose

All in the same boat

It is the great insurance swindle... After the heaviest rains on record in southern Spain, the majority of flood sufferers are apparently not covered. How can this be? Andrew Pearce discovered half a dozen Olive Press readers in the same boat




Man stuffs blanket down girlfriend’s mouth and points gun at her in Spain’s Valencia

A Spaniard, 24, has been jailed after threatening his girlfriend with a gun and trying to suffocate her in front of their nine-month-old son...


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