MALAGA will start the high season with the reservoirs at 53% of their total capacity—just below the values recorded last year.

According to the Junta’s Hidrosur network, which updated the reservoir data yesterday, May 17, the reservoirs in Malaga are at 53.64% of their capacity after collecting a total of 330.72 Hm3 of the 615.79 Hm3 available.

Measurements that tally up slightly less than the same period in 2021, when a total of 357.30 Hm3 were collected.

Compared to last year’s data on the same date, three reservoirs have gained water and four have lost.

Those that have benefited the most are La Concepción, Casasola and Conde de Guadalhorce.

In fact, since April, La Concepcion reservoir, which supplies the Western Costa del Sol, has been close to full, maintaining a capacity above 96% these last few weeks, currently at 96.77%, and the Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir, part of the Guadalhorce-Guadalteba system which supplies Malaga city is 98.17% full.

This latter reservoir is the one that has registered the greatest accumulation of water compared to last year, gaining19 Hm3 compared to the data for 2021.

On the contrary, the Limonero, Guadalteba, Guadalhorce and La Viñuela reservoirs have fared worse, with La Viñuela, which supplies the Axarquía region, still at a critical level, at a mere 16.90% of its capacity despite the abundant March and April showers.

This reservoir has only collected 27.78 Hm3 of the 164.37 that it has available, an alarming stat especially when compared to last year, also considered a year where water levels were ‘critical’ when it collected 53.39 Hm3.


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