FARMERS in Alicante Province have welcomed the recent big downpours that they claim have saved vineyards.

The winter drought threatened crops but the heavy rain that fell last weekend has been described as ‘miraculous’ by the Alicante Young Farmers Association(Asaja).

Asaja vice-president, Jose Juan Reus, said: “We can say that half of the muscatel grape harvest has already been saved and to guarantee 100% pickings in August, we need another 20 to 30 litres or rain in April”.

The recent storms brought down an average of 102 litres per square metre in the region.

Restrictions on irrigation introduced in mid-February have been lifted.

Fruit, olive, and cherry trees have all been boosted by the high rainfall.

Asaja’s Tere Alemany commented: “After so many months of drought it rained in such a way that not a single drop was lost with no water running off.”

“This is perfect for cherries which are beginning to flower and very beneficial for olive groves,” he added.


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