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Angry farmers from south-eastern Spain descend on Madrid over major threat to crop irrigation

UP to 15,000 farmers took to the streets of Madrid on Wednesday to protest against new protection rules for the river Tajo which will...

Controversial solar farm plans rejected in ‘protected area’ of Spain’s Costa Blanca

PLANS for two solar farms have been scuppered over concerns about their environmental impact on a 'protected' Alicante Province area. The proposals envisaged taking up...

Artichoke farmers hire ‘superhero’ to fight threats to Spain’s second-biggest growing area on Costa Blanca

ARTICHOKE producers from the Vega Baja region of Alicante Province have hired a superhero in the form of AlcasilMan- a character created by local...

Farmers call tractor protest for May 10 in Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE Association of Young Farmers of Alicante have called for a ‘tractorade’ protest in Alicante on May 10 in protest at rising costs in...

Farmers rejoice over big rainfall to boost vineyards and fruit growing on Spain’s Costa Blanca

FARMERS in Alicante Province have welcomed the recent big downpours that they claim have saved vineyards. The winter drought threatened crops but the heavy rain...

Farmers threatened by cheap imports use tractors to snarl up centre of Spain’s Valencia City

ANGRY farmers complaining about unfair competition caused by cheap non-EU imports took to the streets of Valencia City on Friday. Over 220 tractors led the...

IN PICS: Farmers take over Madrid streets to protest Spain’s agricultural policy

THE countryside came to Spain's capital on Sunday when thousands of farmers marched through Madrid’s main thoroughfares in a protest against the government’s agricultural...

Slurry bad news: Across Spain, dubious industrial and agricultural methods have continued to pollute this beautiful nation

A LEGION of politicians piled fury on Alberto Garzon’s comments about the quality of Spanish meat because he criticised their two most important loves:...

How Spain’s Valencia region became the leader in organic farming

ORGANIC farming in Valencia has grown 81.2% in the past five years, more than anywhere else in Spain and exceeding Spain's average which is...

BAD APPLE: Farmer in Spain’s Valencia investigated for exploiting 26 workers and housing them in ‘precarious and unsanitary’ conditions

A CITRUS fruit farmer in Picassent (Valencia) is being investigated by the Guardia Civil after he was found to be employing 26 workers without...

Investigators in Spain’s Valencia develop system to cut use of pesticides and ration water

A TEAM of Valencian scientists has developed a new system to diagnose crop infections that can greatly reduce the use of pesticides. The technology created...

BUY LOCAL: Agricultural union in Spain’s Valencia urges consumers to support regional and national producers

To set the balance right, the Valencian co-op makes a simple suggestion: buy Valencian and Spanish produce, if possible directly from farmers at markets or from small businesses.

FROM FARM TO FORK: EU announces farming overhaul to improve animal welfare and tackle climate change

Other aims of the European strategy include tackling climate change, protecting the environment, ensuring fair economic returns for producers at every stage of the supply chain, and boosting organic farming.

BEAUTIFUL BUT DEADLY: Iberian wolves expected to return to Spain’s Valencia region within the next five years

WOLVES are expected to return to the Valencia region. Leading biologists believe that the combination of dwindling population figures in rural areas and the increasing...

Spain’s Ministry of Health warns of possible link between COVID-19 and minks

A RECENT case in the Netherlands has shed new light on the possible source of coronavirus as minks have been confirmed as hosting the...

COVID-19: Lack of migrant workers puts Spain’s supermarket fresh food stocks in jeopardy

This year, due to coronavirus and the closure of national borders, the agricultural industry has lost an estimated 75,000 workers

Scientists compile first ever census of DEADLY BACTERIA which is killing trees in Spain’s Andalucia

128 different parasites have been discovered lying in Andalucia's soil

Man suspected of stealing 1,200 kilos of avocados arrested in Spain’s Granada

The farm’s owner was alerted by a neighbour during the theft, who spotted the youngest of three suspects

Nine arrested over 11 separate forest fires in six different provinces in Spain

Police data has revealed that over the last 15 years almost all forest fires in Spain are in some way sparked by human activity

BEAST FROM THE EAST: Andalucia’s Christmas chestnut crops DESTROYED by wasp from China

SWEET chestnut harvests in Andalucia have been decimated by insects from the Far East this Christmas. The chestnut gall wasp from China is thought to...

Hundreds of piglets drown at farm in Teba during Malaga floods (WARNING: Distressing image)

The animals drowned after the town of Teba, north of Marbella was hit by over 400 litres of rain per square metre in just 24 hours

How an Andalucian weed promoted literacy in Victorian Britain

“THE English ceased to be one of the most aggressive, brutal, rowdy, outspoken, riotous cruel and bloodthirsty nations in the world and became one...

Frost and drought causing widespread shortages in Spanish vegetable crops

FROSTS across Spain are causing widespread shortages of vegetables with suppliers scrambling to find alternatives to avoid a repeat of last year's crisis. The January...

‘Ecocide’: Super-intensive olive farms fingered for water shortages in Almeria

Now 400 times more water is being taken from an important Almeria aquifer than enters, an alarming situation that is being blamed on a surge in super-intensive olive production in the zone




Winter stays: 10 great Spanish hotels with a fireplace in the bedroom 

It’s not hard to find casa rurales and mountain hotels in Spain where you can sink into a deep sofa in front of a...


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