NIGHT patrols have been implemented in some rural parts of Lorca after a spate of watermelon thefts in the area.

Farmers in Murcia are asking police officers to protect the thefts which see their produce sold on the black market. 

President of COAG farmers’ association, Placido Perez-Chuecos, stated “We need more police controls in the area and if the police officers see vans they should stop them and check if they are carrying watermelons.”

Over 1,000 kilos of watermelons have been stolen this week alone and are thought to have been sold to the black market. 

This further decreases farmers’ profits following a year in which they have already been forced to plant 10% fewer watermelons due to heavy April rainfalls.

The price of watermelons has soared by 18% since last year as demand outstrips supply.


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