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Olive farmers in Spain’s Costa Blanca and Valencia areas set to forget harvest as production costs soar

OLIVE farmers in the Valencian Community may forget this year's harvest as the costs of olive-picking and making olive oil are too high. Extreme weather...

Spain’s winemakers battle to save harvest as heatwaves and drought takes toll

THE effects of successive heatwaves and drought are threatening this year’s wine harvest across Spain. An exceptionally hot and dry summer has left grapes withering...

Spain’s Andalucia kicks off its grape harvesting season, becoming one of the first in Europe

The harvest season in Montilla-Moriles, Cordoba, is one of the first to commence in the whole of Europe.

Wine prices to increase in Spain following 20% drop in harvest thanks to soaring temperatures

SPAIN'S production of wine for 2017 was down 20% compared to the year before, figures have shown. The agriculture ministry has reported the total production...

Record Spanish tomato harvest leads to price drop

Prices set to drop to as low as 40 cents a kilo

Barcelona volunteers give reject fruit to the hungry

A Barcelona volunteer group is picking reject fruit and vegetables to help feed hungry Catalans

Pomegranate harvest up in Spain but Russian trade restrictions hit

The Russian market will receive far fewer this year due to EU imposed sanctions

Spanish olive oil prices to rocket after poor harvest

2015 has seen the worst olive harvest in years across Spain and Italy

Raisins for celebrating Manilva’s wine-making tradition

Every September Manilva celebrates its winemaking tradition with a three-day harvest festival

Maggots and summer heat drive rocketing olive oil prices

2014 named as the worst year for olives in 15 years

Plans to be unveiled to keep Andalucia at the head of agricultural development

The plans to keep Andalucia at the head agricultural development are to be unveiled by the region’s committee for organic production

Helicopter patrol and checkpoints set up to protect mango fields in Axarquia

Helicopters and police road blocks are being used to prevent fruit thieves from stealing Spain’s most valuable cash crop

Autumn vegetables set to thrive in wetter weather

As autumn draws in, new fruits and vegetables come into season

Ronda and Mollina wine makers anxious about grape crop

Estimates put the harvest at 41% lower than last year

Manilva’s annual grape harvest kicks off on Saturday

Flamenco dancers, wine tasters and brass bands are all ready and raring to go

Worst drought in 150 years hits Spain

Crops in the south and east of the country are ruined

Spanish wine production soars above France and Italy

Perfect weather conditions produced a bumper crop last year




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