WINE makers in Ronda and the Mollina/Fuente de Piedra zone are already lamenting a poor grape crop as harvesting continues.

In Ronda the harvest is expected to be down 41% on last year’s record-breaking numbers and in Mollina/Fuente de Piedra growers are bracing themselves for a 50% decrease on last year’s bumper six million kilo harvest.

But do not despair… despite the lack of quantity, experts are predicting an increase in the quality of grapes which will go some way to make up for the lack of numbers.

Harvesting started at the beginning of August and is due to end before September is up.

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  1. Don’t whine. A smaller harvest is a good thing in Ronda.
    Most vines in the area are less than 10 years old. That’s very young. Grapes are grown as a dry crop. Simply put, they are
    not watered and spend their first three years sending deep
    roots into the ground. A smaller production should produce
    encourage a richer flavor and better vintage.

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