A BEER drinking, bear owning, circus worker is facing a police probe after he left his animal tied to a lamppost during a hailstorm – to go to the pub.

The duo had been lined up to appear at the annual circus festival in Carcer, near Valencia.

But when the show was cancelled due to bad weather, the unnamed owner took himself – and his furry friend – for a few drinks.

An animal rights group has now said it will report the owner to the Guardia Civil’s Nature Protection Service after the bear was left unattended in the torrential storm.


  1. As you can see on the picture, all the bear teeth shave been removed, the way this poor bear was left in very bad weather conditions show the complete ignorance and cruelty of his owner, this animal is probably abused for monetary gains, please Animal Associations get involved now and retrieve this poor animal from these terrible conditions.

  2. Put this Circus worker in JAIL for 5-10 years or Fine him 10 MM Euros for this offense. Obviously he had VIOLATED the Human Rights of the bear described in the EU Human Rights Convention – by not having the bear come into the Pub to join him for an EQUAL drink. Several Lawyers will take the case for only a 30% Fee.

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