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Statue of Former King pointing at Madrid’s symbolic bear with a rifle generates controversy

A STATUE of Spanish Former King Juan Carlos I holding a hunting rifle has been erected without permission in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol.  The polyurethane...

Petition calls for ‘broke-neck bear’ to return to Spain’s Cadiz for Kings’ Day parade

IT WAS an image that not only prompted the laughter of the television commentators narrating the 2022 Kings’ Day parade in Cadiz, but also...

How a wonky polar bear taking part in a Three Kings’ parade in southern Spain became an internet sensation

He has captured the nation’s heart and become the butt of a thousand internet jokes.

Bear hunt: Pensioner attacked by brown bear while hiking in Spain’s Asturias

A HUNT was on for a bear which attacked a 75-year-old woman while she was on a walk with her family in the countryside. The pensioner...

PRIME SUSPECT: Paw of blame pointed at bear for string of grizzly livestock slaughters in the Spanish Pyrenees

HE looks as cuddly as Rupert, Paddington or Winnie-the-Pooh. But Goiat the bear is no marmalade sandwich-eating vegetarian.  He is on the wanted list, suspected...

Outrage after two bears shot dead during hunts in northern Spain

TWO bears have been killed during wild boar hunts in northern Spain, sparking fury among conservationists. Two brown bears were killed on Sunday during...

WATCH: Sickening couple in Spain run brown bears off road in car

SPANIARDS have been left fuming after a video of two bears being chased down by a car went viral.  Spain’s Brown Bear Foundation (FOP) has...

More than 200 sheep dead in Spain after bear chases entire flock off cliff edge

It comes after 209 sheep were found dead at the base of a cliff

OPINION: Outrageous and worrying that a bear can be killed in a protected area

It is unbelievable that someone could be so cruel

Circus worker faces police investigation after leaving his bear in a hailstorm while he went to the pub

A man could be in trouble after leaving his bear tied up outside a pub in Carcer, near Valencia
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Spain’s quick fix solution to sexually aggressive bear

Scientists worried his exploits threaten the survival of the colony

Dancing bear spotted at Murcia medieval market

This is the first known sighting of a performing bear in Spain since 2007




Spain’s Malaga reintroduces 14 chameleon specimens into their natural habitat

MALAGA has successfully reintroduced 14 chameleon specimens into their native habitat during September, marking a significant step in their conservation efforts. The most recent release...


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