THE Spanish government has announced plans to ban influencers from advertising junk food to children.

The plans outlined would see anyone in a position of influence from marketing food and drink high in sugar, salt or fat.

The draft legislation states: “The ban would prohibit appearances in commercial communications by parents, educators, teachers, children’s TV professionals, sportspeople, artists, influencers, and people or characters – be they real or fictional – who may, by dint of their careers, be likely to represent a model or example for these minors.”

The Consumer Affairs ministry defined an influencer as: “a person with a high level of influence over children and young people because of their large number of followers on social or digital media, and who interacts through messages on networks, blogs, posts, videos or similar media.”

Influecer Kids Cc Licence 1
Influencers will no longer be able to advertise unhealthy food and drink to kids, under new plans set out by the government.
Photo: creative commons licence.

A 2019 study found over 40% of Spanish children aged six to nine were over their recommended weight.

Alberto Garzón, the coordinator for the United Left alliance in the coalition government, said the measures were necessary in order to tackle ‘the serious public health problem of childhood obesity’.

In addition, high-profile figures popular among children, such as Youtubers, will also be asked to participate in public health campaigns to promote physical activity and healthy eating.

The PP were quick to respond to the announcement, with a mocking tweet that read: “Drugs, yes. Sweets, no.”


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