THE start of Spring has brought much needed rain to the province of Malaga.

In fact, the recent rainfall, mainly thanks to the passage of Storm Celia, has deposited enough water for five month in Malaga’s reservoirs.

Although the situation is still far from ideal, the rainfall has given the province’s water reserves some respite.

In fact, in the last week, the reservoirs have gained over 30 cubic hectometres, which is approximately the amount that people in the province use in five months—with an estimated total per year of 120 Hm3.

According to the Junta’s Hidrosur network, the reservoirs stood at 190.9 Hm3 on Sunday March 13 and this Monday, March 21, the total was 222.24 Hm3. Although these levels are not enough to end the drought, (this time last year the amount of water stored was 364 Hm3) it does provide momentary relief.

By area, the Guadalhorce-Guadalteba system which supplies Malaga city has benefitted the most. In the past week these three reservoirs (Guadalhorce, Conde de Guadalhorce and Guadalteba) have gained 18 Hm3 and now contain 143.6.

The La Concepcion reservoir, which supplies the Western Costa del Sol, has gained 6.3 Hm3 giving a total of 30Hm3, bringing it up to 48% of its capacity.

Unfortunately, the La Viñuela reservoir which supplies La Axarquia region has hardly benefited from the recent rains, gaining only 3 Hm3 leaving it with a total of 26.7 Hm3, which is less than half the volume of water it contained at this time last year.

This reservoir remains the most affected by the drought in the region, with the water level at only 16.1% of its capacity.


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