HIGH-END fashion brand Balenciaga has released a new designer bag as part of its spring collection. 

The ‘Monday shopper bag’, made of white calfskin, is part of its 2022 spring collection, and is adorned with vertical blue stripes and a red logo.

However, eagle-eyed Brits were quick to point out a resemblance between the new release and another bag rather less well known for its sartorial appeal – the plastic bags used by Tesco in the early 90s. 

Balenciaga Bag
Balenciaga’s newest addition to its spring collection.
Photo: Balenciaga.
Tesco Bag Cc Licence
An old Tesco bag from the 90s. Was this the inspiration for Balenciaga’s latest release?
Photo: creative commons licence.

Tesco no longer sells these plastic bags, however you can pick up its modern version in all stores for 20p, somewhat cheaper than the £1,024 needed to purchase Balenciaga’s new release.

The brand is reportedly a favourite of pop queen Rihanna and reality-star Kim Kardashian.

It lists the bag as a ‘modern interpretation of the archetypal bag’ on its website.

This is not the first time that the San Sebastian brand has made headlines for its designs.

In 2017, it released a tote bag which many pointed out looked remarkably similar to Ikea’s famous blue shopping bags.


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