ALICANTE has made it into the top ten list of the most populated cities in Spain, replacing Basque Country capital Bilbao.

Figures from the National Institute of Statistics based on municipal padron registrations puts Alicante on 348,901 inhabitants, compared to Bilbao’s 340,455.

The top three populated cities in the country are Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

Alicante mayor, Luis Barcala, said: “Demographic growth shows that the city is going upwards with constant progress and an enormous capacity to attract people, goods and services.”

“We will continue working along the same lines to consolidate Alicante’s position in Spain’s Top 10 cities,” he added.

Alicante’s population has seen a steady rise from 329,988 inhabitants in 2019 through to 338,577 last year.

The data also shows there are around 12,000 more women than men registered as living in the city.


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