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Wages to increase by 4% in Spain this year

The Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE) and working unions have agreed to increase workers’ wages by 4% this year.  Both sides have reached the...

Gap between wage rises and inflation hit nearly 6% in Spain in 2022

SALARIES suffered badly in Spain last year with wage increases well below the high rate of inflation. Figures released by the Ministry of Labour on...

Workers in Spain get paid 20% less than average European Union salary

EMPLOYEES in Spain get paid 20.2% less than the European Union average according to the latest 'Adecco Monitor on Salaries' study reviewing 2021 wages. An...

WORRYING: Andalucia has third lowest average income per person in Spain, while northern Spain tops list

ANDALUCIA has the third lowest average yearly income per person in the whole of Spain according to official figures from the INE. A survey...

Athletic Bilbao players agree to take a 6-17% pay cut due to coronavirus crisis

ATHLETIC Bilbao players have announced they will take a 6-17% pay cut due to COVID-19.

Spain’s Primera Division female players secure minimum wage deal

FEMALE football players in Spain’s top division have secured a minimum wage deal.

Spain’s under 25s deny gender pay gap while over half their elders disagree

Spain’s under 25s say they do not notice a gender pay gap; but more than half over those over 26 believe inequality still exists

Spain’s job listings omit key information

Almost 75% of Spain’s job listings do not mention wage or salary

Spanish teachers suffer massive pay cuts

Compared to EU neighbours, Spanish teachers are seeing massive pay cuts

Cheaper to hire work in the UK than in Spain

Both Britain and Spain's wages are far below Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands
Poor wages in Andalucia e

Rajoy: Wage slashes have saved jobs

Rajoy vows not to scrap minimum wage

Andalucia workers are worst paid in Spain

Earnings in Andalucia hit rock-bottom, with workers in Jaen on the lowest salaries of all

Shocker for Spain

No April Fool as government introduces seven per cent rise in electricity in new austerity budget

Protesters clash with police over unpaid wages at Gibraltar border

Over 200 municipal workers are on strike in an ongoing dispute over pay




How a revamped up-and-coming barrio in San Pedro de Alcantara is further increasing the allure of Marbella’s ‘sister town’

SOMETHING awesome this way comes for the residents of San Pedro Alcantara.  The sister town of Marbella is yet again upgrading its charm thanks to...


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