ANDALUCIA has the third lowest average yearly income per person in the whole of Spain according to official figures from the INE.

A survey carried out across the second largest autonomous community in Spain gathered data from its working population to reveal the worrying findings.

Of the 19 communities in Spain, Andalucia sits right at the bottom, slightly behind Castilla – La Mancha and just above Murcia and Extremadura.

According to the figures, taken since 2008, Andalucia’s average income per person is €13,775 as of the latest data in 2019.

At the bottom of the table is Extemadura, with a mean average income of just €12,816 per person, just behind Murcia with €13,637.

At the opposite end of the chart is the Basque region of Pais Vasco with €22,480 annual income.

This is followed by Madrid (€21,030) and Catalunya (€20,049).

This worrying figure for Andalucia was echoed last year when figures from the Adecco group revealed that wages across the community were lower now than they were 10 years ago by up to 0.8%, prior to inflation and rising living costs.

This survey showed that the average Andalucian earned €1,495 per month, compared to nearly 2,000 for regions such as Madrid and Basque Country.

By municipality, according to the INE, Andalucia also dominates the lowest income towns in Spain, taking nine of the bottom 10 spots, including Alhaurin el Grande in Malaga and Adra in Almeria.

When broken down by municipality, these bottom ten towns have an average annual income of just €7,100.

Andalucia’s struggling job market can be directly linked to unemployment and work contract types, with the community having one of the highest rates in Spain.

As of last year, Andalucia recorded an unemployment rate of 22.74% according to Statista.

It also had one of the highest temporary and low pay contract rates in Spain, almost 55%, thanks to an economy reliant on tourism and seasonal work.


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