EMPLOYEES in Spain get paid 20.2% less than the European Union average according to the latest ‘Adecco Monitor on Salaries’ study reviewing 2021 wages.

An EU worker earns an average €2,194- €443 more than their equivalent in Spain.

Adecco say the pay gap has actually narrowed by 0.5% since 2020.

Out of the 27 EU member states, Spain stands 15th in the salary league table.

The biggest average earners are in Luxembourg(€3,503), Denmark(€3,458) and Germany(€3,003) compared to Spain’s monthly average of €1,751.

This means that an average Spanish wage earner needs to work over 20 months to have an income similar to that earned by a German in a year.

At the other end of the scale are Portugal(€1,106) and Greece(€1,034), with Latvia at the bottom(€892).

Though the comparisons between Spain and other EU countries are interesting, the cost of living in Spain is substantially lower compared to say Germany or Scandinavian countries.


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