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Families in need have to wait three months to get access to a food bank in Alicante 

FAMILIES in need face a three-month wait before being granted access to a food bank in Alicante.  Local NGO Colonia Requena has sent a letter...

Endesa announces huge first quarter profits even after paying ‘unjustified’ windfall tax

SPANISH energy company Endesa has announced a remarkable 76% surge in net profit for the first quarter of the year, defying the effects of...

Workers in Spain spend on average 43% of their salary on rent 

People in Spain spent on average 43% of their gross salary on rent in 2022, according to a Fotocasa real estate portal study.  This is...

Percentage of Spaniards at risk of poverty or social exclusion falls two points to 26%

THE PERCENTAGE of Spain’s population that is at risk of poverty or social exclusion fell by nearly two points in 2022 to 26%. That’s...

Mercadona to lower the price of 500 products until the end of the year

Mercadona has decided to slash the prices of 500 daily products from this April until the end of the year.  The Spanish  supermarket giant intends...

Valencia police suspend much needed food distribution group

Police in Valencia interrupted a charity distributing freshly cooked meals to people in need after receiving a complaint from a neighbour on Wednesday, March...

Motorists in Spain rush to filling stations as government’s fuel discount comes to an end

PEOPLE from all over Spain reported on Saturday long queues at petrol stations as motorists sought to take advantage of the last days of...

Abusers of Spain’s free rail pass scheme will lose deposits and tickets from Wednesday onward

SPAIN’S state rail operator Renfe will be tightening up its conditions from Wednesday for anyone found to be abusing the government’s free tickets system....

Workers in Spain get paid 20% less than average European Union salary

EMPLOYEES in Spain get paid 20.2% less than the European Union average according to the latest 'Adecco Monitor on Salaries' study reviewing 2021 wages. An...
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Bus and train prices to be slashed by a third in Spain’s Andalucia

THERE will be a 30% reduction on bus and train prices from September 1, the Junta de Andalucia has announced. The discount will be applied...

Spain announces details of new windfall tax on banks and fuel companies

SPAIN'S government has announced details of its new windfall tax on banks and fuel companies which aims to bring in €7 billion into state...

Leading bank in Spain slams windfall tax plans as profits rise by nearly 11%

BANKINTER executives say plans for a windfall tax on banks in Spain to help fight cost of living rises could hit capital levels, hurt...

Spain’s inflation rate surges to 9.8%- highest figure since 1985

INFLATION in Spain has soared to 9.8% in March- the highest rate since May 1985, according to figures from the National Statistics Institute(INE). The rate...

Where is the cheapest city to live in Spain? Not Madrid or Barcelona

NEW data reveals the huge differences in cost of living across Spain, with Madrid and Barcelona proving a whopping 30% more than in the...

Cost of living in Spain drops by 0.7% in April but cost of 50 foods rise

THE cost of living in Spain has dropped by 0.7% in April but the cost of up to 50 foods has risen.

How to Move to Spain from the UK

Starting a new chapter in any country can be an exhilarating prospect. With a high number of British expats already doing so across various...
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Andalucia’s driving schools are cheapest in Spain

Learning to drive in San Sebastian costs three times as much as it does in Sevilla and even twice the going rate in capital Madrid





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