Mercadona has decided to slash the prices of 500 daily products from this April until the end of the year. 

The Spanish  supermarket giant intends to help fight the current inflation by making a few essential items more affordable.

This discounts will cover items such as canned and dairy food, nuts, oils, household products, pastries and perfumery.

The discounted products will be identified with a yellow label marking their previous and current price. 

There will not be a specific reduction percentage for all of them as the supermarket has calculated the new price for each product separately. 

Food For Mercadona Story Creative Commons
Some fruits and vegetables have experienced a price increase of over 40% since 2020. Photo by Creative Commons.

The company has stated that this initiative will mean a saving of up to 150 euros per year for each customer. 

The new strategy comes after Mercadona, alongside Carrefour, were identified as the supermarkets that had raised their prices the most, according to the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU)

Customers of the Valencian-based supermarket chain experienced an increase of 11.4% in their shopping basket.  

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