THERE will be a 30% reduction on bus and train prices from September 1, the Junta de Andalucia has announced.

The discount will be applied to travel cards and means that the cost of a suburban bus journey within Malaga will be 57 cent, down from the current cost of 82.

The measure is aimed to combat the soaring costs of living crisis that has swept Europe. 

Bus Snip
Transport costs are becoming an increasing worry for citizens in Spain.
Photo: Wikipedia

The regional government looks to have taken matters into its own hands, despite a lack of assurances from Madrid over funding for the scheme.

Marifran Carazo, the Junta’s Minister of Public Works, wrote to her counterpart in Madrid, Raquel Sánchez last week to express concern over funding.

“Andalucia is going to need more than €10 million for this scheme, so the €100 million announced for the whole of Spain is obviously insufficient to cover the cost.”

According to the junta, autonomous regions have had to commit to the scheme before knowing exactly how much financial support they will receive.

In this case, they have felt compelled to go ahead with the measure, given the financial squeeze many Andalcuian’s are currently under.


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