THE PERCENTAGE of Spain’s population that is at risk of poverty or social exclusion fell by nearly two points in 2022 to 26%. That’s according to the latest Life Conditions Survey published on Monday by the National Statistics Institute. 

Meanwhile, according to the same survey the percentage of the population in Spain in a serious situation of poverty fell from 8.3% last year to 7.7%. That’s the same figure seen in 2019, the year before the coronavirus pandemic hit. 

While the percentages may have improved, there were still 3.6 million people in Spain in 2022 who were in a serious economic situation, whereby they were unable to take a week’s vacation, buy meat or fish to eat every two days, or heat their homes, among other indicators.

The INE survey also showed that around four million people in Spain were having ‘great difficulty’ making ends meet, something that was partly caused by the cost-of-living crisis last year sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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