FOUR out of 10 workers in Spain receive no compensation for their overtime work. 

A study carried out by Infojobs and Adecco exposed businesses in Spain for not complying with the regulations placed by the Spanish Government in 2019. 

The latest royal decree states that full-time employees can only work up to 80 hours of overtime a year. 

It also enforces companies to monitor and register their employees working time and to pay them for all the extra hours worked. 

Those organisations not complying with these policies could face fines of up to €6,000 euros. 

However, the study shows that most businesses ignored these regulations last year.

In 2022, over half of the workers (53%) did more hours than their theoretical annual working time. 

Within them, more than 42% worked over 100 overtime hours, with 14.1% doing between 200 and 400 and 10.1% over 400. 

The study displays that less than 30% of the workers were paid for overtime. 

A further 31% were offered compensation in the form of time off or money. 

Meaning that almost 4 in every 10 workers received no compensation at all for overtime. 

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