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Almost 40% of workers in Spain do not receive overtime compensation 

FOUR out of 10 workers in Spain receive no compensation for their overtime work.  A study carried out by Infojobs and Adecco exposed businesses in...

‘Dangerous’ gang of young robbers brought down in Costa Blanca and Murcia areas of Spain

A band of young robbers branded as 'dangerous' by the Guardia Civil have been arrested in the Murcia region. They carried out at least 54...

Ukraine’s Zelensky thanks Spain’s parliament for support but attacks companies still trading with Russia

UKRAINIAN president Volodymr Zelensky addressed Spain's parliamentarians on Tuesday in a special 30-minute session of Congress in Madrid. He appeared via video-link at the unanimous...

Repsol and Telefonica join forces to sell and install solar energy panels in Spain

TWO of Spain's best-known and biggest companies are to set up a solar panel venture for homes and businesses. Oil giant Repsol and telecoms provider...

Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2022 in Spain removes Russian pavilion from next week’s event due to Ukraine invasion

THE world's biggest telecoms fair, the Mobile World Congress(MWC) in Barcelona has scrapped a dedicated area to Russian exhibitors due to their country's invasion...

Violent knife-wielding youths commit 21 robberies in Costa Blanca and Murcia areas of Spain

TWO youths committed 21 robberies in the Costa Blanca and Murcia areas without hesitating to beat up anybody that stood in the way. The violent...

Spain sends a big welcome to British tourists

A RECENT report in UK newspaper The Sun said that British tourists are not welcome in Spain until the coronavirus outbreak is over. A YouGov...

BARS’ LIFELINE: Spanish Government considering rent and mortgage holiday for small businesses in coronavirus lockdown

SPAIN’s national government has begun considering ways to throw small businesses a lifeline by deferring rent and mortgage payments for their premises. Sources from several...

New law spells end for small Spanish businesses

More than 200,000 small businesses will be affected by the scrapping of rent controls
Presidente Mariano Rajoy Brey    La Moncloa e

PM Rajoy announces new billions boost for Spain’s businesses

The €6.3 billion investment are hoped to create jobs and revive the economy

Spain’s inflation rate dips into negative for February

The drop is likely to put pressure on the European Central Bank this month




Charred body discovered in burning car in Almeria: Police launch probe as identity of victim remains a mystery

A CHARRED body has been found in a burned-out car in Andalucia. The grisly discovery was made in Albox, Almeria, on Friday morning. The...


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