PRIME Minister Mariano Rajoy has announced a new package to boost Spain’s economy and create jobs.

Rajoy said: “The plan will include investments totaling €6.3 billion, of which €2.67 billion will come from the private sector and €3.63 billion from the public sector.”

The main rate of corporate tax will be cut from 30% to 25% and the package will include credits to small and medium-sized firms and investment in research and development, transport and energy saving.

The economy grew at its fastest quarterly pace since 2008 in the first three months of 2014, with GDP up by 0.4% over the quarter.


  1. He is a clown – and a lot more interesting words that I am not allowed to express, because of the lack of a free press in Spain. However, he will get his payback courtesy of the UK when his pathetic attempt to gain a seat on the UN Security council is vetoed – with love from Gibraltar.

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