A DNA test has confirmed that human remains found behind a wall in a house in the Malaga municipality of Torremolinos in early June belong to Sibora Gagani, who disappeared at the age of 22. 

Gagani disappeared nine years ago when she was living in the property where her body was found with her boyfriend Marco. He is being investigated for her disappearance and is being held in custody for allegedly killing the youngster, according to news agency Europa Press. 

The body was discovered by investigators in a box full of lime and hidden between the walls of the house, after a total of four searches. Marco, 45, from Nettuno (Italy), was arrested after allegedly killing another girlfriend, Paula. 

The suspect is alleged to have confessed to officers that he killed Gagani and then hid her body in the walls of the apartment that they were sharing back in 2014. 

Along with the body, investigators found a knife with bloodstains on it, suggesting that both Gagani and the second victim, Paula, were stabbed to death.

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