A ‘MISERABLE’ man who allegedly bludgeoned his wife to death with a knife in a frenzied attack is facing a life sentence for murder after being undone by blood on his hands. 

The 44-year-old man allegedly stabbed partner Lorena Requena, 39, multiple times while their young daughters were at school on Friday (December 10). 

He dialed 091 at around 1.45pm, saying he left his wife lying in a pool of blood on Calle Matilde Cantos in Granada at the garage where the victim kept her car. 

The suspect is alleged to have told police he also intended to harm the pair’s children, who were in school at the time. 

Emergency services rushed to the scene but were tragically unable to save the mother of two. 

Police arrested the suspect at a nearby bar, handcuffing him with blood dripping from his hands. 

Vox politician Macarena Olona has called for life imprisonment for the ‘miserable’ Spaniard accused of killing Lorena. 

Olona tweeted: ”This miserable man murdered his wife in Granada. Thanks to the rapid intervention of the National Police, he was unable to end the life of his young daughters.

“Life imprisonment for the murderer, but in a Moroccan jail. Rest in Peace.”


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