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Police in Spain act in Breaking Bad parody in latest Christmas video

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BREAKING BAD may have been off of our television screens for years now but the legacy of  Walter White and the pseudonym ‘Heisenberg’ continues to live on in real-life crime cases. 

And in a special nod to the Costa del Crime, the Local Police in Malaga have now released a parody of the popular TV show set in the major city. 

Coppers in Malaga,  who release a video every year as part of their Christmas celebrations, have crafted their very own mini film parody for the third year in a row. 

The cops-turned-actors look remarkably like the characters they are portraying, who include Jesse Pinkman,  Jane Margolis and Walter White, thanks to wigs and brilliant costume design. 

In the video,  Jane Margolis – or at least a very good impression of her – delivers a bag containing a suspicious white powder to Pinkman in sunny Malaga. 

The footage then shows a team of agents from the Operational Support Group (GOA) of the Local Police of Malaga, closely following the steps of the dodgy protagonists, sneaking up to the motorhome to see what the crooks are cooking. 

Then comes a classic Christmas punchline: during the raid inside the motorhome they discover the Breaking Bad cast are simply cooking Christmas candy – and the white powder was nothing more than icing sugar for the festive recipe. 

The video on Youtube has now been watched over 15,000 times with delighted fans praising the efforts of the Malaga police staff. 

One enthusiastic viewer replied: “Great video, very artistic! Merry Christmas everyone.” 

Another wrote: “Great video!! Happy Holidays to everyone!” 

“Can you promise that in any next season we will see Antonio Banderas,” joked a third. “THANK YOU for your great work, you are always there for everything and everyone. There is no company comparable to the Local Police.” 

Creator of the project David Gutierrez said: “The idea arose by chance after a conversation with colleague Juan Antoni Barrionuevo.

“I joked of his resemblance to Heisenberg and said we should get him to do a short film before he retired. 

“What began as a joke actually began to take shape and we ended up writing the script in time for Christmas. 

“The idea is meant to be a nod to a cult series, considered by many to be the best show of all time, as well as an acknowledgement to typical Spanish Christmas customs and traditions.” 

Video editor Felix Perez added that the filming was carried out in ‘record time’ and filmed across two locations (Dos Hermanas and Guadalmar) in just six hours. 

Perez said:  “Despite some complications I really enjoyed editing the video and as an avid follower of the series I felt obliged to do the best job possible and, honestly, I am very satisfied with the result.” 

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