THE Junta’s committee of experts and provincial health committees will meet next week to discuss new COVID-19 control measures in light of the increase in coronavirus infections in the region caused by the omicron variant.

According to Junta Chief, Juanma Moreno, in statements to the press in Dos Hermanas (Sevilla), following a visit to the Bioalverde company, the Junta will decide on new COVID-19 restrictions after hearing from the territorial committees, which will meet on Monday (January 3), and the Committee of Experts (January 4).

The incidence rate in Andalucia currently stands at 841 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, however, despite the spike in recent weeks, Moreno said that ‘restrictions such as those of the Generalitat de Catalunya are not on the table,’ neither is the Junta considering curfew nor measures as harsh as those imposed in other autonomous regions.

Moreno said that the Junta aims to apply measures that will ‘affect the economic and productive activity in the region as little as possible.’

However, in order to avoid making decisions which could be harmful to the economy, Moreno has highlighted the importance of ‘individual responsibility’ urging the Andalucian population to ‘reduce’ activities in shared spaces, maintaining that the reduction of COVID-19 cases due to the the omicron variant is ‘in our hands.’

Keeping on a positive note, Moreno added that the coronavirus incidence rate of Andalucia ‘isn’t so bad,’ stating that the region is ‘at the bottom of the ranking’ in reference to COVID-19 incidence rate. According to Moreno, Andalucia, with an incidence rate of 841 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, is the lowest in Spain, together with Castilla La Mancha.


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