A Denia man has accused four night club security workers of attacking and injuring him for no good reason.

The 43-year-old victim has filed a complaint with the Guardia Civil following last Sunday morning’s incident outside the Condado Club on Denia’s Calle Marques de Campo.

The complainant supplied photographs of a club security official forcing him to lie on the ground as he put a knee into his back and tied his hands.

Guardia officers received a medical report from the Javea health centre.

The doctor’s examination confirms bruising and abrasions on his face, hand, and knees.

The unnamed man told the Informacion newspaper that he had no idea what provoked the incident.

He said the assault happened shortly before 6.00 am when the club was about to close.

He had spent a night out with his wife and two friends and they went out onto the street holding glasses.

“We did’nt know we were doing anything wrong,” he told Informacion.

He was told off by the bouncers and when he asked for a plastic cup, “they tightly grabbed my wife by the arm and I threw my glass onto the ground.”

The complainant said he was thrown to the floor and ‘beaten many times’ as well as getting his hands tied around his back.

He pleaded to be released as he was being suffocated.

“One of the guards told me that I was Columbian, as if that were a crime,” he added.

“I’ve been in Spain for four years and nothing like this has happened before. It’s an outrage. They attacked me like an animal.”

There has been no comment from the club over the allegations or from the Guardia Civil.


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