A JEALOUS 47-year-old has been arrested in connection with arson after he allegedly set fire to the car belonging to his former girlfriend’s family. 

Officers scrambled to the neighbourhood in Malaga on January 2 after the alarm was raised just before 1am on Sunday.

Police believe the suspect acted out of revenge when he allegedly made his way to the ex-girlfriend’s address in La Mosca and set fire to a vehicle belonging to her relative. 

Emergency services raced to the scene to put out the blaze and spoke to witnesses who claimed that a man had been spotted in the area at the time of the blaze walking a French bulldog.

Cops found a bundle of clothes stashed under a nearby car that matched the description of what the suspect had been wearing.

A short while later they found a man covered in petrol walking with a leash and a lighter. His dog, which police had round earlier, raced to meet him.

Police arrested him and the man is due to appear in court next week.


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