HAVE you seen an orange scarf with holes at each end in Albacete?

You will have made thousands of people’s day after social media joined a 75-year-old widower’s search for the lost gift from his wife.

Angel began sticking up posters around the regional capital of Albacete after he lost the scarf on January 3.

He spoke to television channels a week later in a plea for help recovering the handmade gift from his wife before her death four years ago.

“It’s not the price of the scarf, it’s what my wife meant to me,” Angel said.

“Carmen was crazy about me and I was crazy about her.”

The TV report led to one couple coming forward to say they’d seen the orange scarf on the ground near Las Oliveras de los Invasores, but they hadn’t picked it up.

Angel announced a €50 reward for anything who can locate it – and one Tweet about his plight has seen 60,000 likes and 30,000 retweets.

Some users announced they ‘had exams on’ but had still gone out to look for Angel’s scarf.

Spanish actor and screenwriter Angel Martin Gomez was also among the voices asking anyone in Albacete to do some good and recover the widower’s lost memento of his beloved wife.


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