MANACOR city council is one of the most secretive councils in Mallorca according to a nationwide survey of hundreds of  councils.

The list names and shames the local authorities which are the least transparent and keep their taxpayers in the dark when it comes to spending their hard earned cash.

Manacor scored just 23.5% in analyst firm Dyntra’s national transparency survey, coming in 352rd place out of 491 councils. 

Out of 162 key indices, the local town hall only makes 38 publicly available.

This means that most information about budgets, salaries and spending is impossible to gauge.

It scores a shocking 0% in financial transparency meaning its spending, income, debt and taxes are not published. 

It doesn’t even publish a code of ethics..

The payroll of the Mayor and of each counselor is also kept secret.

It does marginally better in urban planning and public works, scoring 35% and 18.75% in services hiring. 

Pollensa matches Manacor’s shameful score of 23.5% but does slightly better in terms of financial transparency with 11.11%. It does not publish its debt but it does at least reveal its budget. 

Marratxi council scores 24.5% on transparency, but still languishes in 339th place. 

The council has 40 indicators out of 162. It has 14.81% financial transparency marking it as less financially secretive than Manacor. 

At the other end of the table, Palma de Mallorca council has a good score of 63% to be the 78th least opaque local authority in Spain. Calvia Town Hallalso does reasonably well with 55% to come in 116th.

Despite the dismal figures it could be worse. Three quarters of the least transparent councils are in Andalucia, with Sanlucar de Barrameda in Cadiz scoring a dismal 2.47% to be rock bottom. Most transparent was, by contrast Fuengitrola on the Costa del Sol with a score of 92.59%.


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