ESTABLISHED in 1986, BFA has developed along with Gibraltar over the past three decades.

Gaining vast knowledge and expertise throughout all aspects of the property market, we are here to offer a range of services and advice in the sales and rental market for both residential and commercial property.

It is said that valuation is not a precise science but an art…. likewise, property management is more about people than buildings…..and finding the best accommodation is all about your needs.

During the course of our corporate lifetime, we have experienced vast changes in Gibraltar’s political and socio-economic landscape, spanning from its early diversification from a dwindling defence-based economy to a dynamic and successful business model, based on financial services, tourism, retail trade and port related activities.

To a large extent our preparedness for these changes have been aided by our longstanding membership of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a globally recognised property institution, setting very high standards of professional practice and governance since it was founded in 1792.

Against this background, our firm has braced itself well to meet the two new challenges facing the property profession both locally and worldwide, namely Brexit and COVID and whilst we had some four years to prepare for the former, the latter arrived with little warning impacting on the way we live and carry out business both locally and internationally.

This erratic imbalance of supply and demand will tend to equalize and as the pendulum swings between the transition period (Brexit) and returning to normality after we control the pandemic, prices will have to readjust to cater for a new demand. 

An important factor to consider is the ‘human’ element behind every transaction in the property market. That is to say, the driving force and confidence in the market is key to ensure sustainable and long-term success for all stakeholders involved in property.

Whatever the outcome, what is clear is that BFA will remain a steady player in Gibraltar’s property market.  Contact us now for more details:  +350 200 71131. or check out the BFA website.

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