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How to write my paper in a short time – Helpful writing tips

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Writing academic papers may seem like a tough task. Venturing into the deep waters of source materials and processing them is only half of the deal. Besides, you have to compose it in a coherent and viable manner.

You may even ask for help due to the amount of information to process. You can make a  write my paper request to make sure you complete your academic tasks. However, it may not be available all the time. In this article, we provide you with some writing tips. They will help you to write your paper in a short time. You will have an idea of how to approach the task easily.

Do The Research

Each essay starts with the preliminary research. When you receive a task to write a paper, you should have a general direction of what topic you want to discuss and what materials you need to use.

You may use Google Scholar. It is one of the greatest search engines for academic materials. It allows filtering the sources under certain criteria. You may choose the year of publication, the type of source, and its volume.

The sooner you start the research, the more time you will have to write an essay. Generally, it may be time-consuming and exhausting to perform research and write an essay in a single run.

If you decided, “I’m gonna write my paper tomorrow,” it would be wise to conduct some research today.

Take notes of important quotes and thoughts you find fitting in the essay. These notes may serve as a background of your paragraphs and as support citations.

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Answer The Essay Question

Each type of essay answers a question or solves a problem. After you have gathered relevant sources, you may answer the stated question. The first variant of this answer may not be elaborated. The idea is that you need to grasp the essence of your essay.

You may brainstorm the ideas and write them in a few sentences. Then, shorten these few sentences to one, and then polish it even further. This sentence will be your thesis statement, the core of your essay.

If you ask for a piece of advice for the question on how to write my paper, anyone will answer that thesis statement is vital. It will help you focus your mind on the paper and set you in the right direction.

After you craft a thesis for your essay, you may start to write the paper itself. There are some tips on how to do it faster as well.

Make A Plan

A plan for an essay may seem insufficient. You may decide: “I know how to write my paper. I have a thesis already!”, and you will be right. However, a plan for the essay has more use than simple guidance.

A well-elaborated plan will save much time during the actual essay writing. A regular essay consists of five paragraphs:

  • Introduction
  • Three body paragraphs.
  • Conclusion

This structure should be used as the base for your plan as well.

Each of the body paragraphs starts with a topic sentence that you will disclose further. Refer to your thesis statement to make coherent topic sentences.

The amount of paragraphs depends on the word count you need to cover. In this case, your plan may be bigger and cover separate blocks of the essay, not each paragraph.

Write Introduction And Conclusion

You need to write your introduction and concluding paragraphs in the first place. You will give them additional polishing and may even rewrite some sentences. The point of writing these two paragraphs first is to structure your thoughts and expand your plan.

The introduction paragraph covers the main topics of your essay and leads to the thesis statement. In conclusion, you restate your thesis and recollect all the main ideas. After you have compiled all these elements, it is time to complete your work.

Write The Body

At this point, you have completed the major part of the job. The writing of the body should not take much time. You should use your plan as guidance. Citations from the research sources will support your claims. Do not forget about transition sentences and correct citations of the quotes.

After you complete the body, it is time to proofread and edit your essay. Editing has the same value as writing. Mistakes correction saves the same amount of time as efficient writing.

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Additional Tips

Writing an essay implies not only writing techniques but time management as well. Careful planning of your time will help you spend less time on the task, keeping it efficient.

You need to plan your time for writing. It depends on your deadline. Therefore, you need to calculate 30% of the time for outlining, 50% for writing, and 20% for editing.

Use helpful procrastination. It will be no use if you start to write an essay when you feel tired or hungry. Take a short break, grab a snack, relax for some time. Pushing yourself beyond your limits will not help to write a paper faster.

Avoid any distractions. You should turn off notifications from your social media and feeds. You will not miss much if you skip a few messages. At the same time, the more focused you are on the task, the quicker you finish it and will be able to return to your personal affairs.

Use additional resources. You may apply for third-party resources to write your essay quicker. Such programs as Grammarly or Citationmachine will help you to proofread your essay. They make sure that your formatting is correct.

Final Words

Writing an essay in a short time is possible when you know how to plan your time. Do the preliminary research and pick the most relevant quotes. Answer the question of the essay, and write a plan for it.

Finally, compose the body and proofread your paper for mistakes. You should avoid distractions. Make sure that you are ready to write an essay.

You will not notice how you complete your essay in no time following these tips.

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