PARENTS of a 13-year-old in Almeria staged a fake kidnapping in a sick revenge plot against drug thieves, police said.

The mother of the teen, who has not been named, contacted Almeria’s Civil Guard on Wednesday, February 9 to report that her son had been abducted. 

She told police that the kidnappers had made contact with both her and her partner and had asked for a ransom of €20,000 for their son’s safe release.

The police immediately launched a search for the boy and residents in Almeria quickly sprung into action and shared photos of the missing teen on social media along with images of the supposed captors.

Two days into the investigation detectives became suspicious the incident had been a false kidnapping and that the parents had staged the crime as part of a sick revenge plot. 

Police believe the parents were seeking revenge on acquaintances who allegedly stole drugs from them and attempted to set them up by accusing them of kidnap. 

The teen was then located on February 11 in Almeria and taken into care by social services.

Both the mother and father were arrested and are currently awaiting charges. 


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